ASUS K 52-F- RH touch pad button is not working [Closed]

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Tuesday January 6, 2015
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January 6, 2015
I have a ASUS K 52-F with a problem that I am finding out is not that uncommon. Great computer ,,, but this is a PHYSICAL problem & not a software issue ... I think..

THe RH touch pad button doesn't work UNLESS you push REAL HARD on it to make it work . which is real difficult as its getting worse.. the LH button works fine as it always did since new .

QUESTION : what is the fix for this ????.. do I have to dissemble the computer and work from the back side to fix a metal contact point . or lift the RH rectangular button from the top side with a very skinny knife blade or something ...

please advise ,, I don't want to get a new computer .. . just FIX this one !!

thank you

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