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This is a sad day when you press the power button of the computer and nothing happen, you retry but the same result come again. Many people face this issue every day the computer stop working on suddenly. Last night you shut down the computer properly, but today morning your computer is not working. You don't have any idea what happen with your computers. If you are not a technical guy than it creates a big trouble for you. You need technical expert to resolve the issue and sometimes you have some urgent office work which you need to deliver within an hour's. These such type of issue we face many times in our working life. So here I suggest you some common issue and it solution to make your life trouble-free.
There are four many reasons to stop computer suddenly.
1. Power Issue
2. Post Issue
3. Boot time issue
4. Display issue
Power Issue
This is first troubleshooting step for dead computers. Every computer has a power LED in the front of the cabinet. If the power LED is not blinking follow these steps.
* Try to different power socket, may be the issue is on your home or office wiring. If you are facing the same issue with the other power supply please go ahead.
* Reseat the power cord which is connected to "Power Supply" of the tower and power the Desktop on
* If you are using laptop devices please remove the battery and power adapter for few second, it will discharge the static current. Sometimes this issue occurs due to static current.
Post Issue
The term post refers to "Power-On Self-Test". This is a special feature provided by Dell to find the generate issue on the computer and tabs. If your computer power is on and your screen shows only Dell logo or no video that may be due to a post issue. Sometimes you can see an error message on the computer screen. The external devices do not show any LED light indication when the computer was facing post issue. To check these issues and resolve it follow the bellow troubleshooting steps.
* If the computer is displaying the Dell logo and does not move past that point, it has probably failed POST.
* If the power indicator lights up and it is amber or orange, this is usually an indicator that it has failed POST.
* If you see text on a black screen, the computer is currently performing the POST. If the computer stays in that condition and does not move past it, it has probably failed POST.
* If the video screen displayed anything at all during the start-up process but is now black, this probably indicates that the computer failed POST.
* If the computer is beeping or if Caps/Num/Scroll Locks are flashing, note if there is a particular pattern in which it beeps or flashes.
* If the computer is not beeping and caps/num/scroll locks are not flashing, unplug all connections and remove all media communication devices (e.g. external monitors); reconnect one at a time and check if the computer functions.
* For a notebook, press and hold the Fn key and then press the power button. This starts the pre-boot testing and will launch ePSA. In case you have a Desktop at the Dell logo screen tap the F12 key to enter One-Time Boot Menu and use the arrow keys to highlight Diagnostics and press enter. Some Desktops do not have an F12 key, to access the boot options you have to press the <0> (zero) key at the Dell logo screen.

Boot issue
If your computer pass the above two test but still you are facing issue. Check the computer for a boot issue. If the computer power turn on and it show Dell logo and after that your computer hangout that mean the computer is facing the boot-time issue. The boot issue and its troubleshooting steps depend on your operating system. Find the complete troubleshooting step by operating system
* Windows 8
* Windows 7
* Windows Vista
* Windows XP
Display Issue
If your computer pass all the above step but still you are facing issue. If you have a desktop computer and the monitor has its own power supply, make sure the monitor has a power indicator showing that it is turned on. Follow bellow troubleshooting steps to check display issue on your computer.
* Confirm that your computer is turned on.
* Check the power connection to your monitor
* Confirm that your video cable is connected to your monitor
* Use the Quick Access or Input button to confirm that your selected video input source works with your monitor's video card.
* LCD BIST a.k.a Built-In self-test for LCDs can help in determining issues with the panels.
* Go to the Dell PC Diagnostics. To check the issue.
If you have completed all the above troubleshooting steps but still facing the issue visit the Dell Computer Support centre and make a call to dell support team.

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