Trying to have select info automatically copy to a new sheet

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Friday January 9, 2015
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January 9, 2015
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I am reworking our cash sheet at my new job. I have been learning more about excel in the last few weeks than I have in many years prior. However, I am stuck at an impasse at the moment, and I know there must be an obvious solution to my problem. So far, I have been creating all of the individual sheets I needed through pivot tables/charts.

But now, I want to select only projects labeled as "cancelled" with an X in the first column (I changed the column to this position because I believe it will be easiest to pull from there). This column also contains projects labeled as tbd or c for confirmed. I want to have all projects (rows) labeled with the x to automatically pull to a new sheet (cancelled projects) -- and would prefer to only bring about half of the columns over with it (the necessary information). If that's not possible, I can just hide the columns as to view the necessary information.

My question: does anyone know the formula or shortcut/chart/etc that I can use to automatically pull all rows that begin with an "x" in the first column into a new sheet in the same workbook?