Autopopulate a templated spreadsheet with another spreadsheet

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Wednesday January 14, 2015
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January 14, 2015
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We use as our CRM and database, with regular use of reports. Naturally, we use those reports for sales and business development strategies. However, the way that we like to look and evaluate our information is with images that are related to the information. For example, we typically include company logos and headshots of key partners & clients. In the past we have had to manually copy and paste the information from the generated Salesforce report spreadsheet into our 'templated' spreadsheet that includes images and possible different formatting from the Salesforce report spreadsheet.

That said, we would like to find a way to auto populate the data from the Salesforce report into our templated spreadsheet (that includes the images and possible different formatting). Understanding our desired end result, is there a way to do this? We would have info autopopulate on a daily basis from different Salesforce reports to different templated spreadsheets.

Appreciate any advice offered.