Highlight duplicate rows based on selected columns - excel macro

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Hello All,

Require a macro which could highlight the duplicate rows in excel.
Duplicate is identified based on the selected columns.

ColA ColB ColC ColD
121 Ros Pau RP.G
153 Sud U SU.Y
124 R P RP.C
185 R R RR.G
152 S U SU.C
187 Rit Raj RR.C
127 Ros Pau RP.Y
181 R R RR.Y
155 Sud U SU.G

That is to highlight all rows with 1 color if ColB and ColC values are same (irrespective of values in other columns). In this case the rows (2 and 8) are to be highlighted with one color and (3 and 10) are to be highlighted with another color and (5 and 9) are to be highlighted with another color.

Please help me with this, in case you need any additional input let me know. Thanks for your help in advance!!!