Monitor enters Power Saving mode when i boot up my pc

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So last tuesday i finally received my PC that I ordered from Amazon. The day I got it it ran fine, I just had t go buy myself a W-lan card. The day after that I bought the W-lan card and installed it, I just had to make a little hole in the back of the computer to make it fit. I also installed Ubuntu and a few programs before going to sleep. Today I booted it up, but my monitor didn't show anything and after a few seconds it entered the Power Saving mode. I tried to start it again several times but the same thing happened again and again. After that I went to search for advice from the internet and tried to change the power supply and VGA-cable,reset bios and take the memory card (DIMM) out and back in. I also tried connecting this laptop to the monitor through the same VGA cable and that worked just fine. Does someone have any good advice on how to get my monitor to show the display or is there something wrng in my PC. Here's the PC I bought: