Code::Blocks- can not auto detect compiler

Mihnea - Jan 29, 2015 at 11:07 AM
Hello, I recently reinstalled code blocks and now it can't find the compiler. i do have the version with mingw included. when i go to toolchain executables and select "auto detect" i get the following message : " could not auto detect installation path of GNU GCC Compiler for MSP430.. Do you want to use the compiler's default installation directory ? " If i click yes, it sets the path to "C:\HighTec\Msp430" which does not exist. If i select the path manually then on opening a project i get about 4 errors saying that "this wizard doesn't know how to set up warning flags/ debug flags / optimization flags exception flags for this compiler". Also the debugger does not work. it does not start whatsoever. Reinstalling code blocks also keeps every single setting i have made. how do i get rid of that ? I could really need some help please.