Fill in sale values in one sheet from another sheet based on day

Bdotp - Feb 17, 2015 at 09:47 AM

I have one workbook with a sheet that has a column that will have each day of the week for an entire month and the colums after will be categories for sales.

DAY Plumbing Tools Electrical Tools ...
02-01-15, Sun
02-02-15, Mon
02-03-15, Tues
02-04-15, Wed
02-05-15, Thurs

In a completely different file i will have the sales saved each day into excel files. Each file will be named exactly like the format of the Day column of above sheet(02-01-15, Sun). Also the categories will be exact like the heading above "Plumbing Tools", "Elecrical Tools"....

So what i am looking for is a macro to grab for each days sales for each day and sort it into the correct heading cells.