Startup, battery, help me [Closed]

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Tuesday February 17, 2015
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February 17, 2015
Hi im using a win7 laptop samsung r510 but last week something bad happened. Every time i start my pc up it shuts down itself. Sometimes i dont even make it to the user selection screen. It shuts dowb randomly at the windows loading logo. No overheating problems, i have a cooler and it's good. After this whole process of my pc shutting itself down for about 50 times it will eventually boot normally and it works. But if i shut it down then turn it on again it does the same. I downloaded every update and the latest were some nvidia updates. I don't know what to do i would also like to say that the display goes dark then bright for minutes, my battery and adaptet are both screwed (they have been screwed for a while now) but if i manage to get to the desktop it always says: 0% battery available, plugged in, NOT charging. Help i need this laptop like the fish need water.