Laptop connected via wired cable can deploy WiFi signals(WiFiAP)

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My laptop brand is a Wireless Dell with Windows 7(64Bit). My smart phone is G-Tide.

I live in campus, and I only have one way to connect to Internet, which is via a two-side Ethernet cable, which can be connected to the Ethernet connector of my laptop from one end, and to the LAN connector.(which is a socket on the wall)

My Laptop has WiFi adapter. Also, Bluetooth. However, I couldn't connect to Wireless AP since Wireless AP is not available.

For my laptop, it isn't necessary to WAP, however, I have smart phone

How to make Smart phone to get access to the internet via connecting to my wireless laptop. Is there a way to let my laptop connected via wired cable to deploy WiFi signals(Wireless Access point)?

Is there any program called 'maryfi' which can used to connect my smart phone with my laptop? So, my smart phone can be connected to internet.