Can connect to VPN but have no server access. [Closed]


My wife works from home now and then, but since the company changed from a PIN log in, to a user log in, she no longer is able to connect to the remote server (in Switzerland).

She can go to a location with free WIFI and it works great. But from home not.

We've tried connecting via the Buffalo WZR-1750DHP Router, Through a basic network switch, and direct to the Motorola SB5121 router (Time Warner Cable).

The IT guys at her company have had no ideas. I spoke with someone the other day and he stated it's a known issue with Time Warner. But, we're pretty sure others in the company (a large multinational) also uses Time Warner and are having no problems.

Any ideas?

P.S. Since this is a company laptop, we cannot do anything, so any changes must be done by the company IT guys. I'm just looking for ideas to throw at them.