Memory card out of service

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Saturday February 21, 2015
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February 21, 2015
i have micro sd kingston 8 gb in a Nokia C2-01 , suddenly yesterday when i try to access it on mobile , it says " memory card not formatted " , then it asks ," format memory card " ? so i choose yes , then it asks again " delete all data on memory card ? " so i choose yes , so i get " operation failed " , i put the card into sandisk reader , but it is not recognized by computer and no drive appear not even a " removable disk " when i connect the mobile with usb connection the mobile says " memory card not formatted " and so on ..... and no drive also appear in my computer , if i remove the memory card and connect the mobile with the computer through usb connection , a drive for the phone memory appear and i can access the phone original memory normally , then if i enter the memory card into the mobile while it is connected , and try to format the card , it says " there is no disk in the drive " , any help to restore my data ?? all the recovery softwares cannot recognize the card while it is connected in the reader since there is no drive for it !