Excel Macro

Ashi - Feb 22, 2015 at 11:56 AM

Brain challenging question!!

What we have here is an excel sheet with 1000 rows for my clients generated by system for my client's products with me,
1-Some of my clients are having more than one product not in the same row, which means sometimes one client has 10 products and the other has 4 etc.
2-System provides a total value$ of the products for each client below all of their products (clients are having a unique numbers and its arranged)
3-The problem is the total is not sum of each client's products since sometimes 2,3,4,,, products are sharing one value & system repeats the product value$

what we want is to highlight the values which related to the given total under each client product's value. by using solver in macro as below:

Client No Product name Product Value
1 A 100
1 B 75
1 C 50
1 D 200
Total 250 (Need to highlight C&D)
2 A 500
Total 500 (Need to highlight A only)
3 A 100
3 B 175
3 C 35
Total 175 (Need to highlight B)