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Hello dears,

I will be glad if you help me in resolving the below brain challenging case

An excel sheet with 1000 rows for unique names and what products have (auto generated),
1-Some of the names are having more than one product (not in the same row), which means sometimes one name has 10 products and the other has 4 etc.
2-System provides a total value of the products for each name under their products (Names are having a unique numbers and its arranged)
3-The problem is the total is not sum of each name's products since sometimes 2,3,4,,, products are sharing one value & system repeats the product value's

What am not able to do is to highlight the values which related to the given total under set of each name product's value. by using solver in macro as below:

No Product name Product Value
1 A 100
1 B 75
1 C 50
1 D 200
Total 250 (Need to highlight C&D)
2 A 500
Total 500 (Need to highlight A only)
3 A 100
3 B 175
3 C 35
Total 175 (Need to highlight B)

Many thanks in advance