Nested IF(and()) from a drop down list

jdcs3666 - Feb 26, 2015 at 08:10 PM

Using 2 drop down toggle lists. Both lists are of the same names but I want a different cell to return a value if list one has a few specific names AND if list two has a few specific names but I can't currently figure it out unless the actual cells are the exact names I have referenced in the formula. Please help, it's something with the way I'm referencing the list of names
For proposes assume A1:A10 contains the names
=if(and(list 1 cell=A1:A10, list 2 cell=A1:A5), cell x 2, cell)

My goal is to be able to pick a name in each table and if logic true then return value x2 and if false then return only value x1