Asus Laptop N56JN Dual monitors Screen fit glitch error

Why Screen Resolution - Mar 1, 2015 at 03:43 PM
I have a windows 8.1 N56JN Laptop. When I plug in dual monitors and set it to extend screen the screen is correct for my laptop as-well as my applications but when I unplug them again the screen doesnt fit nor work and it does it with all my applications some of them dont even show up even though they say they are. It works again and everything sets back to normal when I plug the second screen in. The only way I seem to set the screen and everything fit again I have to reset the laptop to factory defoults and it works but when I plug in a second monitor again it breaks like that again same with any second monitor. Is there another way to fix this but nothing helps it either doesnt do anything or makes it worse. Do not even suggest fn-f8 becuase I have done that so many times doesnt help. Is there another way to fix this becuase I dont like restroing system defaults becuase I lose my files and have to renstall software and updates again. Screen resolution is normal and/or doesnt change it is always the same it appears. Anyone know how to fix this without restoring system.