No desktop icons/taskbar/mouse pointer

Hondersons - Mar 2, 2015 at 10:10 AM
Hello, I would like to preface this by saying that I am aware of a somewhat similar problem others have experienced where the solution is replacing the explorer.exe file, however, this does not apply in my case.

That said, I will try to be as thorough as possible.

A day ago I was cleaning my computer and installed a new cd-drive. During this process I removed 2 memory sticks and blew dust out of the case. After putting everything back and starting up my computer my first issue was a memory stick problem where I had placed it in incorrectly. After I remedied this, I began experiencing what I am still experiencing now, and that is a desktop screen with my saved image with no icons, taskbar, or mouse pointer, as well as no access to my control panel, or windows r commands.

My troubleshooting consisted of running hijack this in safe mode which did not fix my problem.
I tried to do a windows repair but it came up saying windows booted successfully.
I went into the registry to remove my explorer.exe from safe mode as well, also no fix.
I then reformatted my original hard-drive and after it went through the 180ish windows updates it came back to the same problem. At this point I thought it was a hard-drive issue so I tried to format a new hard-drive and I got the same exact problem after the updates. I thought maybe it was the new cd-drive, so I tried disabling it and connecting my old one in, but this also did not fix the issue.

As it stands, I am thinking that one of the 180 windows updates is somehow interfering with my hardware, so I plan to reformat and do 10 updates at a time to see what happens.

I assume it's safe to rule out any hardware issues seeing as how my computer starts up and everything is in working order. I checked the status of my ram while I was doing windows updates to see if they were showing and they were. Safe mode also works. I also don't have a previous back-up, so I can't load from a week or so ago.

Anyway, hopefully that was clear and concise. Thanks in advance for your responses.