Keyboard mayhem !!! nobody really knows how to fix .. [Closed]


when I type s it brings up the start menu box and o brings up outlook, and caps lock key brings up bookmarks....
this is really frustrating ... but i just broke the plastic legs on my keyboard when i banged the keys to try to fix it. i will buy a new keyboard tomorrow.
i tried, wizard restore, i tried uninstall the keyboard driver & reinstall, i tried virus scan and downloaded spybot and ran it, i tried unplug keyboard and clean an plug back in, i tried all sticky, toggle, hotkeys and all various combinations, language change to English which it already was anyway ..
Nothing suggested worked !
it's a problem that people don't really know how to fix and are just guessing ...

I am not the only one with this problem ... others have the same issue .. I really think its a numeric value in a registry setting that has changed and is the problem ... just my opinion , but definitely a software issue, not keys stuck or anything with the keyboard not working.. it's software IMO.

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