Monitor keeps flickering to black

Jeremy - Mar 14, 2015 at 09:54 AM

I have a 28' nec lcd monitor. have had it for several years now, with no issues at all. Well until now lol. So my issue is that it keeps flicking to black. Any sort of motion around the monitor *such as me touching it* will make it keep switching from me seeing what is on the monitor to black. Now If I stop moving it. it will sometimes stick to a solid image showing me my desktop, but other times itll stay black but again if any movement itll switch been what should be displayed and a black screen (off and on continuous). The monitors light stays on during the whole course of this. I tried turning it off during its blackout session but it comes out black. If I give it a little shake then its come back for 1 sec then goes back.

Is this the caps going, or a dust issue?

-little update-
so I read somewhere to try lowering the brightness, and seems now I can move my monitor and it stops the flickering.. feeling its the caps are going.