I need rows of info from one sheet to transfer to another sheet

BZ - Mar 16, 2015 at 03:32 PM

I have a lot of flights coming in for my wedding. I am trying to keep up with the schedule for my driver. They are landing a 3 different airports. I have made a workbook with 4 sheets. On the first sheet, "All flights" I am keeping track of all the flight info, date, time, airport, driver, flight number, etc. What I need is for each flight marked on the "All Flights" sheet as coming in to airport "Augusta", which is in column "D" to also be copied on the sheet labeled AGS and each one marked as "Atlanta" to be copied to the sheet named "ATL" and so forth. That way, when a change is made on the the "All Flights" sheet, the coordinating sheet for that airport will also change the info listed there. Any suggestions?