Strange issues with internet connection. (DNS)

mörökölli - Mar 17, 2015 at 07:50 AM

i am experiencing strange things , here is a list of what is happening and what i have tried:

every time i turn my computer on it resets the modem . This happens when windows has been loaded for some 5 seconds . All the lights shut down on the modem exactly like i would press the reset button. takes about 3 minutes and i have internet access again.

every now and then when im playing or just using my computer the internet dies off.
when i try to go to a web page it says " dns probe finished no internet"
if i try to find a fix with the windows tool it says "dns server is not responding"
it usually takes around 1-2 minutes and i get internet access again. at this point i have not noticed the lights shutting down on the modem

i have tried different dns servers and i have tried flushdns etc from cmd.
nothing has worked so far.
i swapped the DNS server address to my router address but that just killed the internet.
I am using a wired connection and i have tried different cables but it did not help.

i have PS3 on the same modem and it works with no problems unless i power on my computer, then the internet drops on it aswell.
i can use my PS3 all day with no problems but just yesterday i was watching ice hockey on viaplay while my computer was on and suddenly the screen froze and i lost connection. then i checked my comp and yes "DNS server is not responding"

this has been bugging be for a few months now and i would really like to find a solution.

i tried to find the latest drivers for my motherboard but i simply could not figure out what i need (the support page was terrible).

i am at work now and will give better info once i get home if my internet works :)

comp specs :
its around 3-4 years old computer that i have put together myself

windows 7
i7 processor
250gb SSD drive
ASUS motherboard
8gb DDR3 1666 ram

router/modem is CISCO , can not remember the model but i will add it when i get home.