Need help to diagnose progressively worsening computer glitch [Closed]

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Tuesday March 17, 2015
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March 17, 2015
Thanks for coming by to read about this problem.
I am really worried about my new (half year-old) computer that, for the past few days, have glitched badly.

About the computer:
Acer Aspire V15 (with touchscreen)
Windows 8.1

Basically what happened:
The first hint of something going wrong was that my touchpad began to glitch out, and shortly following it the sound when i play music or youtube videos would glitch and jump when I move my cursor at the same time. However, the touchscreen continued to work well and everything else was going fine. I tried updating drivers, reverting to old drivers etc, but it didn't work. I searched online for a solution and I ended up fixing it for a little over an hour by updating windows. I thought that was the cause of the problem but unfortunately it got worse the next day.
The second day, the touchpad + sound glitch became unbearable so I switched to an external mouse. I used this for a day but it soon succumbed to the same thing, and the sound which worked well became glitchy.
So both my mouse and touchpad were now glitching. I tried using my art tablet, but it also malfunctioned and lagged.
Finally, my touchscreen went down as well. At this time I have to unplug and replug back in my external mouse to keep it going. The videos as well as sound began to lag and jump.
Today, my computer became even worse and the screen started to blink sometimes. Later in the day the screen turned completely grey for awhile and I had to shake around my mouse to get it to work. I shut it down and went out, but when I came back and powered it up again, the screen resolution became small suddenly, so I changed it back to my widescreen resolution. It almost seemed like my computer couldn't handle it, because then it glitched out and my cursor began to flicker. The screen also went grey and finally everything went black. I waited for 20 minutes and nothing happened while I tried to search for an answer. But no one seems to have the same issue.
I took out the battery and waited awhile, then restarted. The power up was slightly slow but soon it went to my start screen and since then it seems to be working smoothly.

Currently, the touchpad which first glitched is working well and no lag with video or sound.

I am really concerned with why this happened, and what exactly caused it to suddenly "fix" itself?
I take good care of my laptop, I don't drop it and no water was spilled on it. I also have a fairly decent antivirus and I don't download or use any shady websites.
I hope someone could please help me with diagnosing this problem. Was it my hardware perhaps? or a driver? or windows in general?
I really hope this will not happen again, but if it does I want to be able to have a reasonable answer as to why. Please help!!