Wifi / bluetooth is not turning ON and both permenent switch OFF

moreto_guru - Mar 20, 2015 at 03:15 PM

My son played with the laptop sony vaio and since that time the icon that usually
pop up with the Wifi and Bluetooth in one place one (icon) is not working and I can't connect to the wifi. The problem is that both a permanently turn off and I can switch it on.
I tried to fix it, so I uninstall both and the install again. It was not working.
I tried to install other version of Wifi and Bluetooth but still is not working so I uninstall them again. Now I'm using the cable only so I can use internet, but wifi and Bluetooth I don't have, any version.
What mistake I did as well is that I uninstall widcomm bluetooth software from my computer and I can't even install it back.
I guess I have to take the laptop for service, but I just want to try to fix it myself you will be able to help me.

Thanks a lot