Macro VB for Reconciliation

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Is it possible to write an excel macro that can do a simple recon for me, I intend to do as described below:

If information in a selected column in Sheet 1 is equal to same selected column in sheet 2 (e.g If selected Product Name and Location Name in sheet 1 is same as selected Product Name and Location Name in sheet 2, then the macro should cut it out from sheet 2 and place it side by side in sheet 1). The highlighted red top headers is the space where the information should be put. I did one example for AS0002.

Note( the selected column could be more than one on both sheet, it could be combination of column A,B,C etc)
Then the matched or fulfilled Rows should be cut from Range A to H in sheet 2 and insert it besides the corresponding matched row(s) in sheet one
Otherwise "No Match"
Kindly assist with the code, its seems difficult for me to get
Thanks in Advance.

Unfortunately I can attach my file for use.