Php parse error: syntax error

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Hi I'm new to the forum. I am receiving this error message when I attempt to post the contents of a form on my site to a php page.

Error message: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected 'From' (T_STRING) in \\WDP\DFS\46\6\2\7\4668096726\user\sites\\www\thanks.php on line 53

Here is the form url:

Here is the partial code from the thanks.php page that includes line 53 that seems to be in question:
$Ref2name = trim($_POST['Name']);
$Ref2phone = trim($_POST['Phone']);
$Ref2rel = trim($_POST['Relationship']);
$Lamount = trim($_POST['Amount of Loan Requested']);
$msg = stripslashes(trim($_POST['message']));
$mesg = "Loan Application:\n\nFirst Name: $Fname\n\nMiddle Name: $Mname\n\nLast Name: $Lname\n\nBirth Date: $Bday\n\nSSN: $SSN\n\nEmail Address: $CustEmail\n\nID Type 1: $CustIDtype\n\nID # 1: $CustIDno\n\nAddress 1: $CustAdd1\n\nAddress 2: $CustAdd2\n\nCity: $CustCity\n\nState: $CustState\n\nZip Code: $Custzip\n\nHow long at this address: $HowLong\n\nHome Phone: $CustPhone\n\nEmployer's Name: $Empname\n\nAddress 1: $Empadd1\n\nAddress 2: $Empadd2\n\nCity: $Empcity\n\nState: $Empstate\n\nZip Code: $Empzip\n\nPhone: $Empphone\n\nExt: $Empext\n\nHR Phone: $HRphone\n\nSupervisor: $Empsuper\n\nYour Position: $Position\n\nTake home pay: $Takehome\n\nDate of last pay: $Lpayday\n\nDate of next pay: $nextpay\n\nWhat day do you get paid: $Whatday\n\nFrequency of pay: $Freqpay\n\nHourly rate: $Hrate\n\nBank: $ Bank\n\nAddress 1: $Bankadd1\n\nAddress 2: $Bankadd2\n\nCity: $Bankcity\n\nState: $Bankstate\n\nZip Code: $Bankzip\n\nPhone: $Bankphone\n\nRouting: $routing\n\nChecking Account #: $Checkacct\n\nSavings Account: $Savacct\n\nName: $Ref1name\n\nPhone: $Ref1phone\n\nRelationship: $Ref1rel\n\nName: $Ref2name\n\nPhone: $Ref2phone\n\nRelationship: $Ref2rel\n\nAmount of Loan Requested: $Lamount\n\";
mail('', 'Loan Request', $msg);
header("Location: http://$_SERVER[SERVER_NAME]/apply2.htm");