Transfering data from one workbook to another

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Thursday April 2, 2015
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April 2, 2015
Hello everyone!

My problem is based on that I have a workbook no 1 (picture added) where I would like to add data and I would like to transfer added data to another workbook no 2 (picture added) which is certainly formatted and doesn't have any field names etc. The second workbook has to be generated to allow it to upload it to the server. The file must be in certain formatting without any fieldnames, but my colleagues not to make any mistakes would like to have a workbook where there is field names and etc.

On workbook 2 picture you can see, that the word "header" has to be always in cell A1 AND there has to be always two blank columns AND in workbook 2 the invoice numbers has to have "MO_" infront of the actual number itself what has entered in workbook 1. All the data in red in workbook 2 must be actual data from workbook 1 and there cannot be any field names as I said before.

Can it be done in VBA?
    • In some reason it doesn't add these pictures here. If anyone want's these pictures then I can maybe send them in another way.