Transfering row data back-an-fro between sheets with condition

Puzzled H&S - Apr 4, 2015 at 02:20 PM
Hello, I am searching for a solution and came across your website; my problem:
Sheet 1 is a chronological list of issues listed in a corrective action plan of 10 columns. Column E identifies a RAG priority [Red/ Amber/ Green]; column F target date; column G corrective action; etc.
To manage this on-going CAP, and to present at meetings, I have created sheet 2 [- by laboriously copy and pasting!] all the rows on sheet 1 in RAG order.
Having reviewed the sheet 2 at meetings, I update the various columns in sheet 2 and then copy and paste back to sheet 1[!].
First 1: Is it possible to edit text on Sheet 2 and auto correct sheet 1? [NB: not same row numbers].
Second 2: Is it possible to add a new chronological incident on sheet 1, [next available row] RAG condition it, and for it to automatically add on to the sheet 2 in the respective RAG sequential row?

Or do I just keep on copy and pasting?