No Display in Monitor, light blinks [Solved/Closed]

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Yesterday, I was thinking of upgrading my RAM. I bought 512 MB SD RAM, but when I opened my CPU I realised that I am not sure if my machine has SD RAM in it. So I didnt put the new RAM. I then tried to switch on the machine to run some utility for checking my RAM type. Unfortunately, when I switched on my machine, My display didnt come up. Now I am having no clue what went wrong as everything looks fine but there is no display.

But when I disconnect my monitor from the CPU I get a test message as no signal. My monitor looks fine. Please help in sorting the issue out.

Thanks in advance.

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hello it is happen today I reboot the ram sudenly when I put it back again doesnt display anything?what happen?my power supply working and fan only my monitor blink and the keyboard not working. wanna some advise to fix it

Thank you, mjsd 4

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It might be problem of the CMOS.
Remove the MB Battery and clear the CMOS.
Then restart the system and set the CMOS Settings.

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Thank you
1)this usally happens when ur havin an issue with ur VGA chip, needs to replace. (this is the last thing u should do, follow the steps given below first)
2) the vga socket (where u connect the monitor cable for display) is loose, open the cpu nd press the card into the socket
3)also do check at times there are two VGA sockets one is the VGA output, the other is input, (but mistake u must have plugged it in the input socket of the CPU, change it

b4 that do one thing
remove ur ram out of the socket (thats after switching off and unpluging the cpu)
now power up the cpu and start it
ull hear some long beep sound, keep it running for 5 secs
now switch it off,
and have the ram back in the socket, press it evenly on both sides till u hear the click sound
start ur cpu now

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Melisio Mascarenhas
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Thanku so much It worked ?????
hey, it worked! thanks!
it worked for me too thanks alot
tipscomputer - Sep 28, 2009 at 10:40 AM
Thank you
1. check the RAM is seated
2. Try any other RAM
3. still the same problem check the video or graphics card , if any
4. if no graphics card and problem stiil changing it clear your CMOS by removing battery
5. if its new system then, remove battery, then take a small wire piece and short the positive and negative of the battery socket, then only CMOS is cleared
6. still problem , check the processor heat sink
7. still problem then suggesting checking motherboard and processor
Thank you
no dispay in monitor, all lihgt blinkings
check your monitor,.,or your video card.,.
iam facing same problem since few days my monitor light blinks but no display ..
i check the ram its working I even changed cmos..smps.....can any one suggest what would be the problem