Adobe Illustrator Can't open the illustration. [Closed]

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Friday April 24, 2015
Last seen
April 24, 2015
Working in AI 10.3 on a Mac, opened a file to update, Save, closed and later tried re-opening the file and got the following message: Can't open the illustration. The illustration contains an incomplete or garbled object description.

offending operator: ','

/Basic Filter:
(Abode ArtOnPath Brush Tool) 1 0 /Filter ,
(Art Brush Tool) / PluginFileName ,
(Art Brush) /Title ,

The same file will get the same message in AI CS on this or any other Mac in the office. Clicking the ok button will open the file but the is nothing shown in the window besides the basic AI screen.

(We are using AI 10 due to compatiblity issue between us and our vendors.)
Is there away to repair this file or get the data out of it? This is a project that is still in progress.

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