My laptop has an only when it wants to work !!! [Closed]

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Sunday December 22, 2013
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November 20, 2015
My Laptop is HP dv 6700.

Since a few days I was getting blue screen repeatedly. My engineer changed the RAM. The problem started once again after a few days.

Yesterday what happened was that when I switched on the laptop the panel lights lighted up. Within a minute they automatically switched off. Then after a minute they turn on automatically. I did not get any image on the screen.

After a few attempts the laptop started. I got the image on the screen. Within two minutes I got a blue screen.

I switched off the laptop. Switched it on again after 15 minutes. Thereafter the panel lights lighted up but there was no image on the screen.

I took it to the service centre today morning. There the technician switched it on and it started working.

What exactly could be the cause of this kind of behaviour ? Is it a hardware problem or a software problem. My engineer says that he will check whether the panel is loose and if it is loose he will tighten it. He pressed on the mute button and altho the screen showed that the volume was muted we did not see a red light on the mute button.

Also I recently installed Picasa. It does not work. My engineers says that some drivers may be clashing and If that is the case then the computer will require formatting.

I wish to solicit the views of the forum on this kind of schiziphrenicy behaviour by laptop.

Many thanks in advance for the same.



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