Cannot access in home network - ASUS Router

ne2ca28 - Apr 26, 2015 at 09:01 PM

I have an issue for the last week where I cannot access from my home network. I will reboot router (sometimes the modem too) and then it works for a bit, but very often it is useless.

When not working on all devices, I visit and it takes me to a basic sign-in screen on chrome or firefox. When I try to access any amazon based link or a product page or other amazon link other than, it is a 404 error "Not Found, the requested URL"/b/ref=(amazon link) was not found on this server.

When I re-boot my router, amazon loads for a bit on the wireless devices (maybe 3 minutes or so), then it goes back to not working. The wired laptop will continue to work for a longer time.

I can access when using a private browsing service like cloakdoctor or something from a device connected to my network. Its not really usable though.

I found but I could not locate changing the MAC in the router settings or setup for the ASUS RT-N66W.

The devices are:
wireless - nexus 5 w/ lollipop via chrome or firefox, an iphone 6 with safari, a lenovo laptop w/ windows 8 via chrome
wired - HP laptop wired to router w/ windows 7 64 bit via chrome or firefox
wired - HP laptop wired to router w/ windows 7 32 bit via chrome or IE

The ASUS RT-N66W router has worked great for a year and a half. In addition to ASUS RT-N66W, I have TW Cable as ISP and the Modem is a Motorola SURFboard SB6141 DOCSIS 3.0

Found another person with the same issue and router, but with a less common website ( and another guy ( I'm convinced its the router. Please help. Thanks!