Black Screen with all lights on on the laptop

I have a sony vaio laptop VPCEH15EN. it was working fine until I travel by flight 2 weeks back. Aftet getting down from the flight, when I power on am getting a black screen. I can see all the lights on the laptop and I can hear the hard disk running sound and everyting. Last time when I was in warranty I had same issue and service centet guy fixed it, he said the display adaptet was disconnected. This time my warranty expired and am having same issue. I took it to the same service centre and they says that this an issue with the mother board and it has to be replaced. The cost for the motherboard what they said is Rs.10000. I can spent that much on this laptop now. Can you advise how to go about with this.

fig>iPhone / Chrome 42.0.2311.109</config>