VBA that Copies/Paste rows based on Amount

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Monday April 20, 2015
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May 19, 2015
I have a spreadsheet that has our products. After the product is chosen then there are hundreds of options to choose from.
I have another spreadsheet in the same workbook, that is a printable version of the first. It is a filtered version of the first.
I have a macros written that allows me to take rows from sheet 1 (Work Order) and Copy and Paste it to sheet 2 (Printable Form Process). It only copies the rows that have >0 in column "A".
So if column "A" is "0" then it is not copied.
If column "A" is "1" then it is copied to Sheet 2 (Printable Form).
Here is my code:

Sub RunMe()
Dim x As Integer

Sheets("Order Form").Select

For Each cell In Range("A8:A64")
If cell.Value > 0 Then
For x = 16 To 43 Step 1
If Sheets("Printable Form Process").Range("A" & x) = vbNullString Then
Sheets("Printable Form Process").Range("A" & x).PasteSpecial (xlValues)
GoTo NextCell
End If

If x = 43 Then
MsgBox "Rows 16-43 are already filled with data. Macro will abort."
Exit Sub
End If
Next x
End If
Next cell

Application.CutCopyMode = False
End Sub

The trouble I am having is that I only want to copy and paste from Column "A" to Column "G"
I know this is something very simple. Can somebody help, please? Thank You.