Automated Data Insertion

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Monday April 27, 2015
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April 27, 2015
Hello, I'm glad I have found this forum.

On generic spreadsheets I can maneuver fairly well, but I believe I have stepped off a steep ledge here.

I have a XLSX which has 4 Worksheets. I want to pull data by customer from 3 data worksheets into one form template (4th worksheet). The form template is an invoice. Common fields across the 3 data worksheets are "Customer ID" and "Invoice No". The 3 data worksheets are dynamic, with several changes taking place in the background each month. There are 18 "Customer ID" with the potential of expanding to 40. The 3 data worksheets have data that is linked to each other. The form has the Customer ID & Invoice No. Customer Name, Company, Address, Phone No, and Email Address. The Items to be charged $ are within the 3 data worksheets; there is potential of 30 items to be shown on the form. The total for those items are available to be pulled from one of the 3 data worksheets and can be added without additional calculation required on the form.

If that isn't enough, the topping would be that the form be printable and/or produced in PDF for electronic dissemination (email addresses are within the data).

Thanks very much in advance - I'm good with remuneration - Understand this is no walk in the park...