HP laptop ac adapter light blinking und shutting down on boot...

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For the last month now, my HP laptop with Windows 7 Professional (if that matters) has been having power issues, or so I'm assuming. I'm thinking the power supply inside has become loose or where the adapter plugs in because when my fiance brought my laptop from home to my aunts, he didn't put it in the sleeve for the laptop in the laptop bag, instead in the main pouch where it wasn't secured.

I haven't been using the battery at all, just straight ac power with the battery out of the laptop for almost a year now, no problems. When the issue of my laptop not wanting to boot up arose, I had been trying to troubleshoot still without the battery. Attempt after attempt, my laptop would seemingly randomly boot up correctly. The issue is when I try to boot up, it would start to...but then power down. Sometimes it would get as far as to loading the explorer (desktop screen), und then power down; others it would power down almost instantaneously. After dealing with this for a few weeks, I got the bright idea to put my battery back in. Thinking that perhaps somehow it wasn't getting enough power to boot up properly, but to keep it running. Silly, I know. For the first few days, having my battery back in worked like a charm when I went to boot up my laptop...but that was short lived.

Whenever I go to turn on my laptop, most of the time it takes several tries (anywhere from 3 to 30 times, if not more. One night I spent an hour of what felt like pressing the power button over und over again) to boot up computer without it shutting off. I notice the blue light by the ac plugin blinks/flashes (not the battery power light). Sometimes the screen of my laptop will flicker along with the blinking light. At first, the power light (for battery) was flashing, 5 blinks before turning solid. I tried a hard reset, und now the battery power light no longer blinks/flashes, assuming everything is now good regarding the battery. However, the light where the ac adapter plugs in still does. There is no set number of flashes for the ac power light, it just flashes und flashes. Wiggling it around sometimes fixes it, but more often than not it doesn't fix the issue. Unplugging it, plugging it back in; doing so repeatedly sometimes fixes the issue, but obviously not an actual fix since I'm still experiencing this. After multiple tries of attempting to successfully boot up my computer, it will finally do so und the light by the ac adapter plugin on the laptop will remain solid.

I'm not sure what the issue is, according to HP it's a "system board failure" as far as the battery power light is concerned, since it blinked 5 times on boot up prior to the hard reset. But, since that means it's a broad term for something that's not specified regarding code, I have to contact HP for assistance. Which...I don't particularly have the time to do right now. Und it's usually midnight by the time I'm using my laptop und really don't feel like speaking with tech support in the middle of the night after a long day. But...will if I find I cannot solve the issue through here.

Now, to further specify with the issue...my laptop makes no beeping noises when it's experiencing it's boot up issue. However, just tonight I noticed when the ac light blinks (no code), there's a faint electrical hum coming from my laptop. I have to put my ear to where the base of my palms rest when typing to hear it. It's not there when the light isn't blinking. To recap, the battery power light isn't blinking anymore after the hard reset, thus no longer providing a "code." Now it's just the light right by where the power cord plugs into the laptop that blinks, steadily und consistently; also noting that I've tried counting it, und has gone as high as a hundred blinks before the laptop powers down on it's own, as little as five. Obviously the one by the ac plugin isn't providing a code.

Any opinions of what could be the issue? My laptop worked just fine prior to my fiance not placing it in the proper secure sleeve of the laptop bag when he took it from home to bring it to me at my aunts, I'm assuming the jostling of it when he transported it (more so while carrying it) is what could have caused something regarding the power supply to become loose; but in any case, once he brought it to me, when I first went to plug it in und turn it on (without battery in), it wouldn't boot up.

I read somewhere to try out unplugging the power cord from the motherboard, und something else regarding the lights, then plugging it back in...but I'm not comfortable with that because I'm not hardware savvy when it comes to my laptop.