Macro:Combining related rows into one, but keeping some fields

KSWI - May 4, 2015 at 03:59 PM
I am referring to this resolution:

What I need is is say each row of column 1 has the Account number. Each row of column 2 has an email. Each row of column 3 invoice #, col item, col 5 amount.

Referring to the resolution, I want to combine onto a single row, the invoice items and amount of each item. So, my new worksheet would contain Acct Number, Email, Invoice, Item, Amt, Item2, Amt2, Item3, Amt3 and so forth. The resolution above-referenced carries over the Custy ID and then the repeating data, but from the example I cannot figure out how to keep not only column 1, but column 2 and 3 (the invoice and email respectively). They would match as well. I don't want to concatenate & make a long key or anything. Hoping someone can provide me the code (based off the macro already written above) that would enable in my case, 2 more fields from the 1st unique record occurrence to carry over as is before it then brings up from the rows where the Account Number matches, any detail items hence getting everything for each Account to a single row.

Thank you.