Help for 2 questions

fousgin - May 17, 2015 at 05:31 PM

you are deploying windows 7 by using windows deployment services (WDS) and an unattended windows setup file.
the path to the answer file is n:\image\answerfile\win7answer.xml
before deployement you need to use sysprep to verify the unattended windows setup file for potential problems.

which command should I use ?

A sysperp/oobe/generalize/unattend n:\images\answerfile\win7answer.xml
B sysperp/oobe/generalize/audit/unattend n:\images\answerfile\win7answer.xml
C sysperp/oobe/generalize/quiet/unattend n:\images\answerfile\win7answer.xml
D sysperp/oobe/generalize/reboot/unattend n:\images\answerfile\win7answer.xml

question 2:

you are a desktop administrator in a company thet uses Windows 7 professional computers.
you istall a new application that requires a recently released Windows update to funcion correctly.
this update should have been installed last month as part of your coporation's update cycle.
The application install but does not work correctly.
you need to werify that update is installed on the system.

what are that way to achieve this goal?(choose two answer)

A run the Wuauclt command with the /repootnows switch
B Run the Wuauclt command with the /resetauthorization switch.
C open programs and features and click View installed updates.
D Open Windows updates and click Updates history.