Acer won't power up

Jesterone - May 29, 2015 at 07:57 AM
I have two Acer Extensa 5230E, one spare one primary.

The primary has been having power up issues. It would only power up if I turned it on without having the charger connected, connecting it after the fact.

Now it won't power up at all. The battery light flashes (Orange) five times when I press the power button, signalling a dead battery. If I connect the charger it shows green, as if the battery is full.

I've used both the charger and the battery from my primary on the spare and it starts up first time. I've tried the battery and charger from the spare on my primary and it won't start up with the same results.

I've tried disconnecting everything and holding the power button for a minute. I've opened it up to make sure the connections for the charger and the power button are ok.

Basically everything seems fine except it won't turn on and the laptop seems to think the battery is dead. If I try and turn it on with the charger connected and a green light showing, the green light turns off when I press the power button.

Any help greatly appreciated, I can't use the spare because it doesn't have a working keyboard.