Replaced screen cable + LCD, now display is black

Hannah - Jun 3, 2015 at 12:38 AM
My HP Pavilion G6 laptop broke down some time last year, and I spent time trying to fix it before giving up.
I recently found the parts I ordered, and seemingly replaced everything correctly, except for my screen refusing to display anything - no backlight, and closing the laptop does not send it into sleep mode - unusual, considering it boots, the fan runs, and the startup sound can be heard. I checked the magnetic switch, and it seems to be in order, although I have no way to check.
My old screen was still barely functioning, so I substituted it for my new screen, but there was still no output.
The only suggestion (tried fn+f5, removing battery and trying to boot) I haven't tried is hooking it up to an external screen, which I don't have.
It's also worth mentioning that the left hinge is broken, although it seems to have no effect on anything overall (given that the switch is magnetic and located elsewhere).
Please, does anyone have suggestions for getting the display working again?
Thanks for anything - at this point I just want to figure out what is wrong with it.