Corrupted Excel and Word docs

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Wednesday January 7, 2015
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June 3, 2015
Hello, I recently bought a new laptop pre-loaded with W8.1. I downloaded MS Office 2007 Home and Student (it was a 3 licence package and this was the 3rd).
Most of my Excel and Word docs seem to have opened and saved unscathed, but one very important Excel workbook got totally corrupted. Even the backup got corrupted when I loaded that onto the new laptop. My previous LT ran on W7.
This Excel workbook was quite complex and had many links across many sheets. Do you think this might be why it got corrupted. It opens but all headings and all comments have gone and there are no links. Is there anyway I can restore it?
The word doc that got corrupted was password protected and I'm guessing the encryption won't allow me to open it on another computer? Luckily I printed this before opening it and simply redid it.