Massive Copy/Paste..can it be done?

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I am working between to separate excel files. Basically, I'm hoping there is a way to copy and paste OR ever better a way to auto insert fields to another excel file. I need information from file A to be put on file B. The man hours it would take to manually do this is daunting.

One file has, for instance, the location AND item in column A with the definition of each 'Grade' in columns E-I.

To get a clearer idea..

Exterior (as the location in column A)
Light Poles
Fire Exit Door
These would all be inserted on different lines in column A, and then we'd have another location, say the Office with all the misc. requirements of that particular location.. The 'grades' are broken down into, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 with each definition of the 'grade' listed under whatever 'grade' it falls under.

Some items have the same definition, others do not. For instance a men's restroom and a women's restroom have (with few exceptions) the same requirements.

Can it be done? Can information from one sheet be auto-inserted into another?

Anyone help would be greatly appreciated. Wish me luck!