Merge Cells that have to same data in Excel! [Closed]

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Tuesday June 9, 2015
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June 9, 2015
Hello all,

I'm new to the 'Corporate Level' of Excel, so I could really use some help. Here's my situation. I was given 3 spreadsheets. The first with a User ID and a Department. The second has a User ID, First and Last name, and the third has a User ID and Roles. The information isn't lined up in the same column, and I need to merge any matching User ID's into Column A and the other information associated with those ID's to be in the same row.

To explain it another way, if the User ID in Column A matches a User ID in column D, I need Column D to merge with the cell containing the ID in Column A. Then I need the correct First name, Last name, Department, and any roles associated with that User ID to be placed in their respective places in that row. Please help!

This is what the current spreadsheet looks like. The information I received in each spreadsheet is separated by black columns, but will be deleted. I put those in to understand where each set of data came from.

This is what I want it to look like. The 2nd and 3rd role are only to be filled if a person has a 2nd/3rd role.

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