Comparing two cell values with a range of values [Closed]


I have been seeking out for a solution for a problem. I have tried a couple of formulas like VLOOKUP, INDEX.. MATCH and nothing seemed to be working.
I have two range values as like below

Date Rate of Interest Date Charge code Interest Rate

Date Rate of Interest Date Charge code Interest Rate
1/2/2014 1.1 5/27/2015 INTEREST
3/20/2014 1.2 5/10/2015 INTEREST
5/20/2014 1.3 4/12/2015 QUARTERLY AUDIT FEE
10/20/2014 1.3 3/30/2015 LEGAL FEE
1/10/2015 1.4 2/20/2015 COLLECTION
6/13/2015 1.5 1/10/2015 COLLECTION
11/20/2015 1.6 12/20/2014 COLLECTION
12/20/2015 1.7 8/20/2014 COLLECTION
12/21/2015 1.8 7/11/2014 INTEREST
12/22/2015 1.9 6/30/2014 INTEREST
12/22/2015 2 5/4/2014 COLLECTION
12/23/2015 2.1 4/12/2014 COLLECTION
12/24/2015 2.2 4/12/2014 COLLECTION
12/25/2015 2.3 3/20/2014 COLLECTION
12/26/2015 2.4 2/10/2014 COLLECTION
12/27/2015 2.5 1/2/2014 COLLECTION
12/30/2015 2.6 1/2/2014 ADVANCE

I need to compare the second range value with the first one and get the Interest Rate column filled for the second range from the first one.

Here is the business rule. The first date cell value in the second range would be compared with the list of date values in the first and if the date cell value is less than or equal to any of the date list values in the first range, and the corresponding charge code value is "INTEREST" for the date cell value in the second range, the Rate of Interest column value in the first range needs to be gotten populated in the Interest Rate column of the second range.

Any formula or VBA code would help greatly.
Thank you in advance for your valuable solution.

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