How to automatically update data from one sheet to another [Closed]

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Tuesday June 16, 2015
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June 16, 2015
Hello All,
New user here. I have tried to research an answer to my question to no avail. I have found similar situations and solutions, but not ones that directly work for me.

Here is my situation. I am required to do monthly reports of my product sales based on their particular selling season. For example, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Holiday. I have these sheets arranged and formatted how I would like. I need to update these at the beginning of every month with the new sales numbers from a master spreadsheet that I download from my system.

The order that the items appear on the master spreadsheet will not necessarily always be in the same spot. For example, item# abc could be in row 4 on June's download, but might be in row 50 on July's download.

I know VLOOKUP would be a good solution, but the amount of columns of data I need returned, multiplied by four seasons worth of product becomes time consuming if I need to change the parameters monthly.

Is there some macro or command that combines the function of VLOOKUP with some sort of data connection that could just easily be updated?

Or would a better idea be to rename the new monthly master sheet with the same name as the original master sheet and refresh that way?

Thank you all for any input that you may have!

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