Excel - possible to populate fields using a hyperlink? [Closed]

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Thursday June 18, 2015
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June 26, 2015
I'm creating a job tracking workbook, with a master sheet on page 1. Additional worksheets are used to list activity on the job. From sheet 1, I am creating a "table of contents" with hyperlinks to the individual job worksheets.

My request is this: I want to make the main table an "at-a-glance" list. Can I populate sheet 1 with data from the specific job sheet just through the hyperlink I create? In other words, by creating a hyperlink, can cells A, B, C, etc be populated from the job sheet cells X, Y, Z? Can I have the main table update those fields when I add new info?

I'm sure this is a vague concept, and your input will help me flesh it out more.

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