Sound Problem

Laptop - Jun 25, 2015 at 08:46 AM
Hello, I have a problem with the sound coming out of my laptop. Recently, i was listening to music one day. Then i had to stop and do something, so i closed the laptop. When i come back to listen to music again, i heard nothing coming out of my headphones. It was going out through the speakers instead. I was thinking Windows may be acting weird so i decided to reboot the computer. Didn't do anything. So I tried reinstalling the drivers for sound, since i has a reinstall of windows recently. Reinstalling the drivers didn't work. And so then i tried using another operating system. I boot up linux from a flash drive and played music. Sound was coming out through both headphones and speaker. So then, what on earth is wrong with my laptop? It was working very fine before i closed it that one time!