Macro that when name is entered creates copies of other sheets [Closed]

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Friday June 26, 2015
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June 26, 2015
Hello, I really appreciate anyone who can help.

I have a Skills assessment Workbook where Managers are writing on Sheet 1 the names of their employees and then assessing them on certain skills. Each new employee would be a new column, Example (Matt is on Column F, Greg is on Column G, etc).

I would like a Macro that when the Manager enters a new name into sheet 1, it creates copies of sheets 2 and 3 (Greg's learning plan and skills assessment) adjusting the formulas from F to G which would change everything from Matt to Greg's information, as well as changing the name of the spreadsheet from Matt to Greg.

Let me know if that's unclear, happy to provide more detail. Thanks so much!!!

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