Compiter won't read SDHC card


I was using my camera this morning to take pictures, and everything seemed to be working fine. I took the card out of the camera and put it in my computer and now suddenly my computer won't even recognize there is a card in there. It acts like it can't see it. I tried it in a different computer with the same problem. I then tried to put it back in the camera and get a 'card error' message. I have also tried it in a digital picture frame and still got nothing.

I have checked the lock on the card, and it is in the proper position. I have used this card in both computers before. In fact, I just had it in both computers two days ago and didn't have any problems. I talked to the guy at the camera shop and he said it sounded like it has a corrupt file and that it may cost over $100 to recover the data.

The card has done this to me one other time before. After it sat on the table for a week, it miraculously started working again without me doing anything special to it.

Any ideas?