Samsung Smart Phone to remain pre-paid

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Saturday May 30, 2015
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June 28, 2015
I decided to upgrade from my present cell phone (pre-paid) to a smart phone. My needs are simple: to be able to receive and send emails; to download newspapers and magazines; and to make calls.

In the store, I selected an entry-level Samsung (forgotten exactly which model) which seemed to be just right. When I told the assistant that I wanted to remain pre-paid, she said, well when the smart phone goes on line, it will quickly devour the account balance.

To which I replied that I would just turn off the online function until it was needed. She replied that it automatically turns itself on again. She then tried to sell me a contract for a few dollars per month which would supposedly get around this problem.

I immediately smelled a rat, left the store without buying, asked someone else what the story was, and was told that the store assistant's story was untrue.

Does anyone have any idea on this. I'd be very grateful for any answers.