Help! Wifi connected but NO internet access

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Tuesday July 7, 2015
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July 7, 2015
hello. i bought my laptop Acer E14 Windows 8.1 few months ago and im using Panda Security as my antivirus.

at first, the internet was working perfectly fine. then, one day, the laptop is connected to the home wifi but NO internet access. google chrome took a long time to respond and ended up showing "this webpage is not available"

other devices at home (phones, other laptops) can connect and have internet access using the wifi except mine. but when i connect the laptop with other wifi (at cafe, library), it works!

ive already updated the wireless network adapter in the device manager. still not working.

when i tried to reset/renew ip address using ipconfig /release AND ipconfig /renew, it says
no operation can be performed and i see lots of "media disconnected"

please help me. i need to fix this before the semester starts.